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Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

why are mattresses so expensive

One of the main reasons why mattresses are expensive is that you might be buying them from a store rather than the internet. Also, deceptive sales strategies, lack of a second-hand market, quality-price increases, and mattresses designed for special needs increase costs.

Quality and Longevity

Mattresses are expensive because they are an item that is bought infrequently due to their long lifespans. A good mattress can last anywhere between 7 and 9 years and is made from complex layers of expensive materials.

Features like memory foam, latex, and pocket springs are not cheap to procure, and additional features such as handles attached to the inner springs for more efficient rotation, edge non-slip support, and gel-infused foam all add up and rack up the cost.

The reality is that the mattresses produced today are made from higher-quality materials and meet the need for a deeper sleep. They play an active role in relieving the pain that may occur in our bodies due to the wrong sleeping positions. 

Therefore, considering the price-quality relationship, we should not be surprised that mattresses are expensive and increasing in price.


High demand is another reason why mattress prices are on the rise. In today's face-paced world, consistent sleep is decreasing daily and people are trying to squeeze 8 hours of productivity from 6 hours of sleep. 

Various orthopaedic disorders such as back and neck pain are on the rise from an increase in sedentary lifestyles, therefore people are looking for healthier mattresses. In recent years, there has also been a rise in demand for eco-friendly and environmentally conscious manufacturing which is honourable but does increase production costs.


When it comes to health, people are increasingly concerned with buying the healthiest mattress that can relieve their pain and help them to get a better night's sleep instead of holding onto their money. This inevitably intensifies competition and causes prices to increase.

In addition, increasing competition in the expanding market causes mattress manufacturers to invest more capital in production. As the invested capital grows, the market share expands, reaching more target audiences.

Lack of Second-Hand Markets

Due to the circumstances outlined above, people are now unwilling to purchase a second-hand mattress, so unlike other sectors, there are no second-hand markets for sellers to compete with.

It is understandable why people will not invest in a second-hand mattress, they can be bad for your health and harbour all sorts of germs and dust particles. People are more aware now compared to 20 or 30 years ago, and the second-hand mattress market has declined sharply, meaning that budget-conscious families have no choice but to buy brand new.

Finally, another reason is that the demand for better quality has led to more advanced technology that incorporates decades of sleep research. Potential customers are willing to pay more money and buy better and companies are facing even more competition to deliver the best and most advanced mattress - that comes at a price.

Since every new product produced using a high-end technology will be a little more expensive than the previous one, prices increase at the same rate as technology advances.

What Are The Best Mattresses to Buy and Why?

You can have quality sleep only with a quality mattress. Today's mattress manufacturers continue to produce mattresses in many sizes for different purposes and using the highest quality materials. In-depth competition in the market naturally increases the quality of the mattress. There are two mattress types that are currently dominating the market, memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses.

 Let's take a closer look.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A pocket sprung mattress is a type of mattress that consists of springs sewn into pockets. Each of the springs moves independently of each other and according to the pressure you apply, the springs are more resistant than regular spring mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses distribute weight more efficiently. A pocket sprung mattress will only apply pressure to the local area instead of affecting the entire mattress. Independent springs in this area will resist the pressure and prevent the bearing from wearing out.

Providing personalised support, these springs apply force against the centre of pressure, preventing the mattress from sagging down or to the sides.

Pocket Sprung Mattress Benefits that Make it Worth the Price Tag

No Transfer Of Movement

The spring system in the mattress is not interconnected and each spring acts independently. The mattress responds to incoming pressure and distributes its weight locally instead of collecting it in the centre. As this means less wear, less need for mattress rotation, it also provides a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Consistent Firmness

Since pocket springs move independently inside their compartments, they are not affected by the pressure from areas of the mattress. Pocket springs ensure that the same hardness prevails across the mattress, maintaining the firmness and lessening the wear over time.

Total Body Support

A pocket sprung mattress is very successful in terms of balancing the body compared to other mattress types. This is at the forefront of factors that make it better quality compared to other types of mattresses. Pocket sprung mattresses come in a variety of spring hardness grades. You can easily find the right mattress for you if you consider your weight and sleeping habits.

Pressure Relief

Since the spring system moves independently of each other, the pocket sprung mattress offers you more comfort than other standard mattress types. They offer better joint support and allow for more flexibility in movement. You will have better quality sleep and meet your daily energy needs.



Memory Foam Mattresses 

A memory foam mattress is formed by springs that support a thick memory foam layer. Memory foam contorts to your body shape, regulates body temperature and alleviates pressure on the joints and muscles.

This will give you an amazing sleep experience throughout the night. The mattress will conform to your sleep movements like a cloud, and when pressure is alleviated from the mattress surface, the memory foam then returns back into place, allowing the mattress to take its original shape.

The foam remembers the sleeping position you lie in. This is why it is called ‘memory foam' for its unique ability to get to know your individual sleep style and offer you optimal sleeping conditions accordingly.

Memory Foam was initially developed by NASA in 1960. The memory foam made of polyurethane was produced so that the astronauts entering and leaving space are not affected by the pressure. Commercial industries soon caught on and memory foam is now available in chairs, mattress toppers, pillows and more.

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits That Make it Worth the Price Tag

Memory foam mattresses have many advantages over other types of mattresses. This is why they often come with a hefty price tag.

Memory foam mattresses offer pressure repulsion as well as spine alignment support. Memory foam is designed to maximize your comfort while providing you with a unique sleeping experience.

Optimal Support and Comfort

Memory foam offers optimum spinal alignment support and muscle comfort. As the mattress takes the shape of your body, you are provided with uninterrupted sleep comfort no matter what sleeping position you are in during the night. 

The most striking feature of this mattress is that it is fully personalized. There is no greater luxury than sleeping on a mattress that tailors itself according to your body size, shape and sleeping habits - even the movements that you are completely unaware of. 

Pressure-Point Relief

One of the best things about a foam memory mattress is that it distributes weight evenly across different parts of the mattress. 

This feature prevents the sagging that occurs at a single point in regular mattresses and prevents the mattress from wearing out quickly. 

This helps manage any pre-existing pain in your back and neck area, and to prevent any further damage from occurring. Due to the unique flexibility, memory foam mattresses even assist in healthy blood circulation, as blood vessels are protected from excessive or repetitive compression during sleep.

Dust Mite Resistant

Memory foam mattresses have a visco-elastic fibre that dust mites cannot reach. Because the fibres are so thick, dust mites are prevented from entering the core of the mattress. If you have an allergic condition, you should definitely consider memory foam.

However dust mites can still accumulate on the surface, so like any other mattress, a memory foam mattress benefits from a washable mattress protector.