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What Is The Biggest Mattress Size?

what is the biggest mattress size

The super king is currently the largest easily available mattress size available in the UK. It measures a huge 6ft and 6 inches across and lengthways.

Not many people buy emperor mattresses due to their enormous size, however, they are readily available for purchase at regular mattress suppliers.

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How to Choose Your Oversized Mattress 

If you are on the larger or taller size, a super king mattress may be what you are looking for.

It can be a little more difficult to find the right super king mattress over a standard double or king size, but you certainly have some options available and sourcing one may be easier than you think.

If you have decided to buy an oversized mattress, you should consider several factors. Here are some tips on buying an oversized mattress.

Bedroom Dimensions

The width and depth of your bedroom are probably the most important factor to consider when purchasing a mattress and bedframe.

Your bed should be able to fit both the mattress and the frame inside the room with access to both sides of the bed. You may also need to accommodate any pre-existing furniture in the room to avoid feeling overcrowded.

We recommend leaving 2 ft of space  or more on both sides of the mattress. You can push your mattress to the corner of the room, but this will only allow access to one side.

Transportation and Moving

One of the biggest issues of oversized mattresses is getting them inside the room. It can be quite difficult to pass large-sized mattresses through the doors and narrow hallways.

Our delivery teams are very experienced when it comes to dealing with large pieces of furniture and if it will fit, we will get it into the room. We do ocassionally find that a customers hallways and entrances just aren't big enough and sadly there is not often a way around this so do have a good think and measure the entrance way and we are always happy to offer our opinion if it will fit.

Accessories & Foundations

One of the important issues that those who buy an oversized mattress should consider is getting hold of duvet covers and undersheets that fit the size of their mattress.

Since many mattress manufacturers only produce limited numbers of oversized mattresses, these covers can be a bit difficult to find and it is likely you will be restricted to online retailers.


Super king size mattresses are priced between £500-2000. They are expensive because of the extra material used to make them, and their limited availability.

If you have decided to buy an oversized mattress. We recommend that you take a look at our store as we have a range of super king mattress available from £499+. Create your budget in accordance with the accessories that need to be purchased, including the bed frame!

Reasons to Buy an Oversized Mattress

Sleeping Partners

Compared to the standard size mattresses, oversized mattresses are more comfortable for couples who sleep together as each person gets 3 feet of space across the bed.

When considering an oversized mattress for your own needs, you should choose one that compliments your sleep position, as well as your partners

In addition to sleeping with their partners, some people also sleep with pets. If you have an oversized mattress. There is extra room for them too!

Sleeper Height

Double mattress sizes have always been a problem for tall people. People who have trouble finding a mattress that fits their size often opt for an oversized mattress. 

When tall people sleep on double mattresses, their feet usually hang off the edge, this can have a negative effect on blood circulation in the legs and over time they can experience contraction, numbness, and tingling.

An oversize mattress that fits your height is the healthiest option overall. You also get a better night's sleep when your whole body is supported.

Do keep in mind that a king size mattress is the same length as a super king so that is an option worth considering if you don't have the space or budget for a super king.

Where Can I Buy an Oversized Mattress?

We stock a large range of mattress that can be made to order in a super king size. We have a selection to see on our website but most of our stock is kept for our instore customers so make sure to come and see us!

Sadly we don't stock any mattresses that come in an Emperor size (7 feet wide) as they are super uncommon in the UK. We have a range of mattress than can be made to your specific dimensions though for an additional charge over the nearest size.

Why are Oversized Mattresses So Expensive?

Oversized mattresses are expensive because they are not often found in regular stores, or if they are in stock, they do not hold many.

Another factor is that mattresses are expensive to make. A standard-sized mattress is costly because of the manufacturing, an oversized mattress even more so because larger amounts of the same materials are needed.

Not only are more materials used but you actually need a better quality mattress in order to have it in a super king size as they get softer the bigger they get which is why you find super king mattresses so expensive generally.

At the same time, because demand is generally low for oversized mattresses, manufacturing companies produce a limited number so they are rarer and harder for stores to procure.

Do Big Mattresses Improve Sleep Quality?

Large mattresses do improve sleep quality if you are a tall or large person. oversized mattresses allow taller people to sleep in any position they want wıthout any pain or discomfort.

If you sleep with your partner, oversized mattresses become even more desirable, especially if one or both of you move around a lot in your sleep.

Thanks to a wide mattress, you can sleep in any sleep position and move around as much as you like while keeping disturbances to the other sleeper at a minimum.

Today, most couples tend towards a double, king, or super king mattress. This is mainly because of the size of the room, most suburban houses in the UK are not built to accommodate oversized mattresses like the emperor.

Is a King or Queen Mattress Bigger?


Quee size is not a term that is used very much anymore. A super king mattress is what a queen size is called nowadays. These measure 6 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long. Whereas a king size mattress measures 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long.