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Can You Sell Used Mattresses?

Can you sell used mattresses

Getting a new mattress is one of those exciting pleasures of adult life. The bliss of enjoying your brand new mattress can be dulled by the thought of what the heck you’re supposed to do with your old one.

If your mattress is in good condition, you may consider selling it, but you may wonder if you can sell used mattresses? The good news is yes, you can sell used mattresses!

You should keep in mind a few things when selling a used mattress, which we will go over in this article. We will also give some advice on where to sell your mattress and how much you may get for it.


You should only really consider selling your mattress if it is in good condition. Mattresses habour all sorts of bacteria, allergens and dust, and while they tend to last a long time, old mattresses can become in quite a poor condition.

In the United Kingdom, there is no restriction around selling your used mattress. But surprisingly, in the US, there is! Some states require professional sanitisation and labelling of used mattresses.

While here in the UK, this is not required; it may be a good idea to do so before selling. This may boost the interest of prospective buyers and also up the price tag.

Other things to consider when selling your mattress include:

  • Have you been using a mattress protector?
  • Have pets been sleeping on this mattress?
  • Has it been cleaned and rotated regularly?
  • Does it have any spills or stains?

All of the above will influence the sellability of the value of your used mattress.

Where Can I Sell A Used Mattress?

If you have decided to sell your mattress then, the next mission is to find the best place to advertise it.

Using online avenues is likely the best way to get your advertisement viewed by many and find a prospective buyer. Sites such as eBay, Shpock and Gumtree are great places to start.

You can also use Facebook marketplace to find buyers in your area.

When advertising your mattress, make sure you give as much information as you possibly can. Those buying mattresses will be pretty picky about what they chose to buy - and rightfully so!

Make sure you outline the following information:

  • Brand
  • Size 
  • Type
  • Materials
  • Age
  • Usage (e.g. daily or occasional)
  • Your care (e.g. protectors, cleaning etc.)
  • Provide good photos 

How Much Are Used Mattresses Worth?

Your mattress value will have a massive range depending on a lot of different factors! The condition of your mattress will be the most prominent, with better quality mattresses totalling a lot more. 

Refer to the list above outlining your mattress advertisement for factors that will influence the value of a used mattress.

While a brand new mattress tends to be an expensive purchase, for the most part, any mattress that has been used will lower the value drastically. An excellent place to start is 20-30% of the original price and adjust based on condition.

Anything too high for the condition of the mattress will get little interested from buyers. Make sure you set a reasonable price. It can help if you look through other advertisements of mattresses to get an idea of what others are asking for their used mattress and compare it to your own.

Some things that may boost the value of your mattress include

  • Used only in guest rooms
  • There are receipts with purchase dates on them
  • No tags are missing
  • Protected by plastic wrap
  • Protected your mattress with a mattress cover

Consider Donating

If you find it challenging to sell your mattress and you don’t desperately need the money, you should consider donating it.

Mattresses are one of the many necessities of life but can hold quite a hefty price tag, meaning many struggling families may go without them! A mattress in good condition can make an incredible donation to many charities that support these families.

The donation can save a good mattress from going to the landfill.

Some good choices for charities who will accept your used mattress include British Heart Foundation, Salvation Army and Red Cross. You may also have some local charities in your area. Look into what they do for your community so you can choose who you would like to support. 

A local homeless shelter would also welcome a donated mattress to help support homeless people by helping them into homes and setting up places to live and rest.


Although selling your used mattress might be an inexpensive way to buy a new one or even an excellent way to make some extra cash, there are specific challenges to make this move successful. Used mattresses can be sold, but you might need to do some research to ensure you are selling something in good condition, for the right price and on the right market.