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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good?

Memory foam mattresses are loved by many, but just because they are popular doesn't mean that they're right for you. You should consider your sleeping position, back problems and preferences before purchasing one.

When it comes to your bedroom the ideal is to create the cosiest and most comfortable environment possible. So, one of the most important decisions that you'll need to make is what type of mattress to get. Don't just take a quick look and buy the cheapest one possible.

You spend so many hours lying down in bed either sleeping or just simply relaxing. So, it's important to find the right type of mattress for you. Here we'll take a look at memory foam mattresses, including their pros and cons, to help you get a better idea of whether memory foam is the right choice for you.

are memory foam mattresses good?

What Are Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam is the layman's term for what is professionally known as 'viscoelastic foam'. This material is not necessarily always the same. Exactly how the material moulds to your body is dependent on how it is made by a specific manufacturer. So, just because something is labelled as 'memory foam' doesn't mean that it will give you the same feeling. If possible, make sure that you can try it out!

So, what exactly is memory foam? Memory foam mattresses are dense and solid. They are made from a type of foam that has elastic-like properties, meaning that when pressure is applied the material moulds around the item.

So, as you lay down on the mattress it will shape itself to accommodate you, allowing for a more comfortable rest. Because it is elastic it will eventually spring back into its original shape when the pressure is removed.

Pros Of Memory Foam Mattresses

Many people swear that they have improved their sleeping habits thanks to memory foam mattresses, but how can we know for sure? Sleep is such a subjective topic and people need different amounts. However, here we'll cover some of the most common advantages.

It Personalises Itself To You

As we've said, memory foam moulds itself around the pressure being applied. So, as you lay down to sleep you will slowly and gently sink into the mattress. This means that there is less pressure being applied to your joints and all of you will be carefully supported.

This is a great advantage for people who find that mattresses are often too hard and feel as if they are sleeping on a plank of wood. In fact, memory foam uses your body heat to create this shape. This new shape in the mattress allows you to sleep in a naturally curved position and actually helps with lumbar support.

Good For Pain Relief

If you have any problems with body pains, such as arthritis or joint issues, then memory foam can help to relieve this. This is because memory foam is one solid piece of material and so does not wear out so quickly over time. 

This is a common problem with spring-based mattresses which gradually wear down, making the springs more prominent. However, because pure memory foam mattresses do not contain springs there will be no possible pressure points in the mattress.

Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

Although there are substantial advantages to memory foam mattresses, there are also some disadvantages to consider. So, think about both sides before purchasing your memory foam mattress.

They're Very Heavy

One of the most obvious disadvantages of memory foam mattresses is that they are incredibly heavy. This means that if you are living by yourself and looking to set up your new bed you will certainly need an extra pair of hands. If you live alone, or you have trouble with lifting heavy objects, then you should also consider the weight for changing the sheets.

If you cannot lift up the corner of the mattress by yourself then changing the sheet may become an intolerable workout. Of course, there are different types of memory foam and even memory foam hybrids and layer mattresses, both of which can be lighter in weight whilst still offering the comfort of memory foam.

They Keep The Heat In

If you live in a particularly warm country then you should consider this as a serious disadvantage to be wary of. Memory foam retains your body heat so this is actually a disadvantage if you live in a cold part of the world. However, even in northern areas such as England and Scotland, the summers can be quite warm. The last thing that you'll want then is a hot bed!

Just like with the issue of weight this problem can be resolved by choosing the right type of memory foam for you. Instead of choosing a pure memory foam mattress, consider opting for an open-cell or gel-infused version. These will make it a much more comfortable experience temperature-wise.


When it comes to finding the perfect mattress there is no one size fits all. Everyone is different and what is comfortable for one person make keep another up all night long. However, the great thing about memory foam mattresses is that there are so many different options available.

You can choose from pure memory foam, memory foam hybrids or other versions such as gel-infused. This means that you can reap the advantages of memory foam, such as less pressure on joints, without having to put up with the downsides. So, are memory foam mattresses good? Yes! But make sure you choose the right version.

One of the best things that you can do when it comes to deciding whether or not memory foam is the right option for you is to try it out. You will know if you like a mattress almost as soon as you lay down on it. 

So, if possible, give it a try. You can try out several versions to make sure that you choose the right type of memory foam mattress to suit your needs.